Riding A Tortoise To Yemen, Or, The Month Of November, And How We Should Avoid It At All Costs

All Thoreau’s Castoffs Or, the Year We Crocheted a Slip-Cover for the Joshua Tree
Submitted by: Meghan

Exclamations!!! Our Indie Hero. Where has your banjo been put away?
Submitted by: Dario Miranda

If Captain EO Can Return to Tomorrowland, Where Is Our Sufjan of Yesteryear?
Submitted by: leannemichelle

We Wore Neon Because It Was Trendy and So Are We
Submitted by: Dario Miranda

Califrownya: Why Are The Lines In Tomorrowland So Long?
Submitted by: Adventureface

‎Hark! My Moorish Neighbors’ Footsteps (Or, Door Slamming in E Minor)
Submitted by: Robyn Keith

Venturing Through Old Town By Way of the Cobblestone Byway and a Skip in My Step
Submitted by: Boxrox

The Lacewing’s Rhyming Dictionary (A Stationery Monastery-Haberdashery)
Submitted by: Russ Maloney

Aaron Three-Shirts, or, Hodgman Hobo #561, Where Are You?
Submitted by: leannemichelle